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Netflix’s Dragon’s Dogma anime will arrive later this year

It’s time for a new Arisen hero to take on the Dragon

The poster for Netflix’s Dragon’s Dogma animated series Image: Netflix
Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

Dragon’s Dogma will arrive on Netflix later this year. The streaming service announced on Twitter that the adaptation of Capcom’s dragon-hunting action-adventure game will debut on Sept. 17.

According to Netflix’s plot description, the show will pick up in a world where the Dragon hasn’t attacked for over 100 years, until Suddenly the Dragon reappears and attacks a small village. A villager named Ethan tries to protect his family, but things don’t exactly work out. Instead of dying Ethan becomes the Arisen and sets off on a quest to kill the Dragon with the help of a Pawn — a being that exists only to hunt the Dragon.

This story of an Arisen trying to take on the Dragon closely mirrors the plot of the original game, but the Netflix series seems to be using mostly new characters. During his quest to defeat the Dragon, Ethan will also encounter various monsters themed around the seven deadly sins — another new addition for the show.

The Dragon’s Dogma series will be brought to Netflix by the animation studio Sublimation, one of several Japanese animation studios that Netflix partnered with last year. Sublimation specializes in the use of CG animation, however Netflix announced that the show would mix in more traditional 2D animation as well.