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The Muppets meet up over video call to discuss new improv show

Joe from Legal is here to remind them that dreams only go so far

Muppets Now, the newest Muppet series — and the first one since 2015’s The Muppets — premieres on July 31. To usher in the upcoming show, the Muppets met up via video chat to discuss the format, production, and celebrity guests, along with their new pal, Joe from Legal.

It’s fun to see our favorite Muppets, but even more fun to see the backgrounds they choose for the call. Miss Piggy is using a virtual background to make it look like she’s in Paris, of course.

All of the Muppets seem very excited for their new Disney Plus venture, taking to Twitter to express their joy. But Joe from Legal is right on their heels with a jumble of legal jargon, just to make sure no Muppet is making claims that could get them in trouble. Every ragtag team of chaotic performers needs a stick in the mud like Joe to hold them accountable!

Muppets Now is an unscripted Muppets show, featuring three different segments set around a game show, a cooking show, and a talk show. There will be loads of celebrity guest appearances, including (but not limited to) Aubrey Plaza, Seth Rogen, and RuPaul.

It lands on Disney Plus on July 31, with new episodes coming every Friday.

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