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Crysis Remastered absolutely runs on Nintendo Switch, and it looks like this

It’s amazing it exists, but should it?

Crytek and Nintendo have released a short video showing off how Crysis Remastered runs on Nintendo Switch, giving us our first look at a technological marvel that still may disappoint fans of the original.

You can watch the game in action at the top of this post, and I’m not sure how Crytek managed to wring so much out of Nintendo’s hardware. The Switch can, in fact, run Crysis, as the old joke goes.

But Crysis was always a game that heavily relied on its visuals to wow its audience, and there’s no escaping that the Switch port of Crysis Remastered is going to be the worst-looking version of the game, comparatively speaking.

Still, getting this kind of lighting and performance onto the Switch is its own kind of magic trick, even if we’re seeing both being done in a scene that so limits your view in this example:

Which is why Crysis Remastered on Nintendo Switch is such an interesting contradiction. It’s the worst-looking version of a game that made a splash due to its visuals, but it’s nonetheless an amazing artistic achievement that it’s running this well on hardware so limited in power.

It’s also the only portable way to play Crysis Remastered, just in case you wanted to revisit the series when you’re traveling from your living room to your bedroom while in quarantine. Welcome to the future!

Crysis Remastered on Nintendo Switch will be released on July 23.

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