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Animal Crossing camera mod lets fans take way better photos


A zoomed-out landscape picture of Animal Crossing, taken with a camera mod. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Twitter/lilstarfragment, @rosewaterisle ·

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a peculiar top-down view that unfurls the world as if it were a tube. You can, of course, use the built-in camera function to zoom out and get a clearer view, but it pales in comparison to what’s possible with a mod. It also doesn’t help that recent updates make taking video a worse experience.

Released by Alree, this New Horizons camera mod has a number of built-in features that help photographers take better snaps. You can, for instance, disable that pesky curvature, tweak your field of vision, and take much bigger liberties with camera distance. You can also tinker with dialogue, and enable a 360° view within interiors, like the airport. Mods, it should be noted, can only run on hacked Switches or via emulation, meaning that enabling them is potentially risky, especially in an online game.

A modded landscape photo of an Animal Crossing: New Horizons town square. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Gamebanana/Alree

One player in particular, @rosewaterisle, has been using a camera mod to take gorgeous landscape pictures that wouldn’t be possible in the base game. She’s been using this ability to visit other players’ islands, where she takes photographs showing off their full splendor. For people who have put a lot of effort into terraforming and town-building, the zoomed-out pictures give a way better sense of what Animal Crossing lets you concoct.

The top picture, which showcases @lilstarfragment’s wonderful island, gives us a better look at their hedge garden, rivers, and housing area. It’s almost like we’re flying over more areas of the island than what we normally do via Dodo Airlines.

Here are some more terrific pictures taken by @rosewaterisle that she’s shared on social media, where she has a sign-up sheet of her photography services.

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