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Outriders details its Pyromancer class and more

Outriders isn’t open world, but has dozens of hours of content

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On Thursday, developer People Can Fly and Square Enix launched another broadcast for Outriders, the upcoming third-person RPG for current and next-generation consoles. In the broadcast, the studio previewed the game’s structure and detailed another of the four playable classes: the Pyromancer. This new broadcast comes after the initial May stream, which previewed the Trickster class and the game’s gear systems.

Here’s everything we learned from Outriders’ second major stream.

Structure and hubs

According to People Can Fly, the main campaign of Outriders will take most players 25-30 hours, and two to three times longer if they complete all the side content.

Outriders isn’t an open-world game. Instead it uses large maps, hubs, and side areas. Different zones will feature towns, which bleed into main story mission areas. There are also hidden locales off the beaten path, which will offer players new rewards and story beats. Players can complete these side missions at any time, as the difficulty and rewards scale based on the player character.

Players can travel between these different zones in their Outrider truck. This isn’t a vehicle that players can drive. Instead, People Can Fly described it as a moving RPG village. During the game, players will improve their truck and recruit new members to the crew. The truck is also a key customization element for the game, and players can decorate it to suit their own tastes.

Despite their versatile truck, Outriders will need to return to in-game towns to hear new gossip and pick up new side missions. Some towns and characters will change and evolve with the game’s story.

The Pyromancer

Outriders Pyromancer fighting monsters
The Pyromancer fights off a hoard of beasts using flame attacks
Image: People Can Fly/Square Enix

The Pyromancer class is all about setting enemies on fire. The class specializes in mid-range combat, and seems like Outriders’ answer to the typical wizard in most RPGs.

The Pyromancer’s job is to stay at a safe distance and set enemies on fire. Burning enemies take damage over time, and heal the Pyromancer when they die. The class specializes in area attacks against multiple enemies, and can even light foes on fire with its melee attack.

People Can Fly showcased four Pyromancer abilities during the stream. Thermal Bomb marks an enemy, causing them to burn. But if any nearby Outrider kills a Thermal Bomb target before the ability expires, the target will explode, dealing massive damage to all nearby enemies. Ash Blast is more utility focused. The Pyromancer sends out a wave of ash around itself, stunning all nearby enemies.

Heatwave is one of the Pyromancer’s first abilities, and sends a line of fire in front of them, setting anything it hits ablaze. Overheat deals minor fire damage to all enemies in an area, marking them for the Pyromancer’s healing abilities. But if Overheat strikes any enemies already on fire, it will deal massive damage.

People Can Fly has yet to reveal the other four Pyromancer abilities, but will do so in a future broadcast.

At the end of the presentation, the studio answered a few questions from fans, acknowledging that the game won’t offer any PvP or competitive multiplayer, and that fans can have multiple characters per account.

Outriders’ next broadcast — presumably coming in early August — will touch on the Devastator class, as well as weapon crafting and legendary gear sets.

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