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Bethesda teases Fallout adaptation for Amazon Prime

Please stand by ...

Fallout 76 Power Helmet shown at Bethesda’s E3 2018 booth
Fallout 76 Power Helmet shown at Bethesda’s E3 2018 booth
Photo: Ross Miller/Polygon
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The Fallout franchise started in 1998, spanning half a dozen games, and now it is heading to the small screen for an adaptation. Today, the official Fallout twitter account posted a teaser for the series.

There’s not a lot of content to dig into in that initial teaser, beyond the reference to producer Kilter Films and Amazon, the platform the show will debut on. Producers Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, known for credits on Westworld, are currently attached to the project.

A press release on Bethesda’s official site shares a few more details, including that the show will be heading to Amazon Prime as an exclusive title.

Fallout’s world takes place in an alt-history world, where an eventual nuclear war between China and America lead to the total nuclear annihilation of the world. The remnants of humanity emerge after the dust settles and begin to form new civilizations. Fallout is also known for its quirky, 50’s-style aesthetics, with jukeboxes, painted pin-up ladies, and the corporate mascot Vault Boy.

There’s certainly a lot to dig into in the Fallout setting, from the story of the original isometric RPGs set in the remains of post-apocalyptic California, to the follow-up titles by Bethesda that take place in the Capital Wasteland of DC and the rebuilt remains of Boston. We currently do not have any more details on this project, such as cast or release date, but the teaser says to please stand by, so we may see more information in the weeks to come.

Correction: We’ve removed an incorrect reference to films produced by Kilter Films.