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Animal Crossing players are creating clever pool setups for the summer

Cool pool party

Two ACNH characters by a pool and an alligator Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Yuleika11aj/Twitter

Animal Crossing: New Horizons already has a lot of different ways to celebrate summer: collecting special shells, diving in the ocean, and sweet new gear. But as always, New Horizons players are always seeking out new ways to make their own fun, whether that’s creating elaborate diving spots or setting up clever pool designs.

New Horizons does have pools already, but they’re very small — more like kiddie pools or hot tubs. But players have found new ways to set up community pool areas for large, in-ground swimming spots using custom floor tiles and other items. Using custom floor patterns designed to look like water — shimmering pool water — and tiles, these pools are cleverly created. Oftentimes, players have intricate patterns to create a dynamic water look — with shadows around the edge of the pool and wave splashes pushing around beach balls.

Some players use the New Horizons item, “pool,” to create a hot tub area that overlooks the rest of the space. Beach balls, slides, and floaties perfectly placed in the water add to that dimension. The best part, however, is how villagers can interact with the items in the pool — say, floating on an inner tube.

Other players are taking a more natural approach to the pool, using the game’s actual water to create different structures. Set up correctly, and you’ve got yourself an infinity pool you can actually dive into.

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