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Star Wars: The Old Republic is finally available on Steam

But you’ll still need a subscription to unlock all the features

Star Wars: The Old Republic Image: Bioware/Electronic Arts
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Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bioware’s long-running Star Wars-themed MMO, has finally made it to Steam.

Players who want to check out the MMO can jump into a galaxy far far away for free and start playing a slightly limited version of the game. Playing for free will grant you access to the game’s original story campaigns and a couple of the recent expansions, but some of the game’s more premium features, such as the full level-75 level cap, and the most recent expansion content, including last year’s Onslaught expansion, are still locked behind the $14.99 a month subscription price.

Star Wars: The Old Republic was originally released as a standalone game back in 2011, but was eventually added to EA’s Origin platform a few years later. This new move from Origin to Steam seems to be part of a larger initiative by EA to move some of its games over to Valve’s PC Gaming platform. EA’s been moving games over the for several months now, including old Battlefield titles and even other Star Wars games like last year’s Jedi: Fallen Order.

For now, The Old Republic will be downloadable and playable on both Steam and Origin.

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