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The Medium still looks horrifying

New trailer released during Xbox Games Showcase

Bloober Team’s The Medium was officially revealed in May during an Inside Xbox episode, but now we’ve got a new trailer. The horror game comes from the creators of Observer and Layers of Fear — and its dual-reality gameplay looks terrifying.

The new trailer, which debuted during Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase on Thursday, focuses on the dual-reality aspect of the game, as its protagonist, Marianne, can traverse both the physical and spiritual worlds. In the trailer, Bloober Team shows how each action controlled by the same movements in the dual-reality world are “rendered simultaneously,” according to the trailer. The two worlds Marianne exists in are similar but distinct — the physical world is a dark and terrifying world, while the spiritual realm is sepia-toned and otherworldly. (At one point, Marianne cuts open what appears to be a flesh wall.)

It looks like Marianne has different abilities in each of the worlds — including a fancy arm in the spiritual world.

The Medium will be released on Windows PC via Steam and Xbox Series X during this holiday season.

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