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The makers of SteamWorld are trying something new

Introducing The Gunk

You might know game developer Image & Form for its various genre experiments, ranging from the wonderful RPG SteamWorld Quest to tactical puzzle game SteamWorld Heist. But for its next video game foray, the Swedish studio is leaving the world of steampunk and robots behind.

Announced during the Xbox Games Showcase, The Gunk is a new adventure where players will take on scary enemies and try to solve puzzles that obscure a grander mystery. During the trailer, we see the protagonist sucking up a lot of black goo, which seems to be corrupting the wildlife. No release date beyond the year 2021 was set for the Xbox Series X version of the game, though it seems likely that The Gunk will also be available on other platforms. Xbox One and Windows PC are also confirmed.

Previously, Polygon called Image & Form’s SteamWorld Quest a “must-own” Nintendo Switch game. It’s been a while since the developer made a game outside of the franchise, so this will be a bit of a gamble — though if recent releases are any indication, we can expect some finely tuned gameplay.