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Gonzo is down for a Muppets-Avengers crossover

The famed Muppet himself got real with us about loneliness

Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

Gonzo the Great, Muppet stuntman extraordinaire, wants you to know that he’s definitely down for a crossover between the Muppets and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Who would he play in a Muppets/Avengers team-up? Maybe a character named Fleaman or Carrotman, if they need it. But mostly, he’d be happy to just come along for the ride.

In anticipation of the new Disney Plus Muppets improv show Muppets Now, Gonzo called Polygon on Zoom to chat about getting back together with the gang. Muppets Now is the first totally unscripted Muppets show, featuring celebrity guests across three different segments: a game show, a talk show, and a cooking show. Unfortunately, there is no stunt segment for Gonzo. Still, he’s pretty jazzed about the whole thing.

Even though he’s in a happy, supportive relationship with his chicken girlfriend, Camilla, Gonzo still feels the pangs of loneliness like the rest of us. Don’t we all get a little lonely from time to time? But there’s nothing like good friends — and video chats — to help fuel that rainbow connection.

Muppets Now debuts on Disney Plus on July 31, with new episodes streaming weekly.

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