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Rockstar promises big updates to GTA Online and Red Dead Online starting next week

RDO update coming July 28

Guy with a rifle and a moose in a screenshot from Red Dead Online Image: Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games’ online communities for Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5Red Dead Online and GTA Online, respectively — will receive major updates this summer, according to a news release from the company.

Red Dead Online’s “massive new update” will be released on July 28 and add a Frontier Pursuit “that will introduce players to the secrets of naturalism” with a new Role, Outlaw Pass, and “tons of community-requested features.” The GTA Online summer update is also expected soon, “offering up a fun mix of diverse new content from the game’s massive array of experiences to enjoy,” according to Rockstar. An exact date wasn’t given for the GTA Online update.

Rockstar said that “later this year” Red Dead Online and GTA Online players can expect massive updates: “Including some exciting new extensions and augmentations to an existing role in Red Dead Online, and the biggest ever update for GTA Online.” The GTA Online update will include the company’s “latest take” on Heists in a new location.

Red Dead Online players, in particular, have been waiting a while for an update — around seven months. Of course, players are complaining online, but in a unique way: by dressing up as clowns.

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