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Lovecraft Country’s Comic-Con trailer shows off its biggest monster yet

Cthulhu is heading to HBO on Aug. 16

Lovecraft Country, HBO’s upcoming supernatural horror show, has a new trailer ahead of a San Diego Comic-Con 2020 panel. This one really leans into the otherworldly monsters that loom over the show.

The series follows a Black family from Chicago as they investigate their family history, which just so happens to intersect with a racist cult that has Lovecraftian roots. And every bit of that is on display here.

The trailer features brief moments with each member of the main family, and especially Atticus, the story’s main character, as they have run-ins with creepy cultists, ritual sacrifice, and the more grounded horror of America’s post-World War II racism. But all of those things were highlighted in the show’s other trailers. What we haven’t seen yet is the massive and terrifying monster that presents itself in this trailer’s closing moments.

If most of Lovecraft Country’s trailers have highlighted the show’s subtle links to the famous horror author, then this one makes the connections as direct as they can be. At the end of the trailer, a giant winged monster with a squid face and tentacles shows up in all its Cthulhu-esque glory.

Lovecraft Country is based on a book by Matt Ruff, and is created by Misha Green. The show comes to HBO with some impressive sci-fi and horror prestige, thanks to executive producers J.J. Abrams and Jordan Peele. The series will premiere on HBO on Aug. 16. Lovecraft Country also has a panel during Comic-Con@Home 2020, on Saturday night, which could include new information ahead of its debut next month.

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