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Nintendo fans react to beta Yoshi, the gigaleak’s biggest star

He is shaped like a friend

Beta Yoshi from the Super Mario World Giga Leak. Image: Nintendo

Fans have spent the last few days poring through the Gigaleak, a security breach at Nintendo that resulted in the dissemination of proprietary files belonging to classic games, such as Super Mario 64. While it’s hard to sum up the incredible number of things folks are discovering within the aptly-named Gigaleak, fans have become obsessed with snippets, particularly characters that have never seen the light of day.

The Super Mario World files, for example, have introduced the world to an unused sprite sheet containing an elongated, raptor-like version of Yoshi. The graphics show this bizarro-version of Yoshi doing what our actual reptilian friend does, like spewing fire or using its long tongue to eat stuff. But Yoshi this is not.

Actually, this version of Yoshi seems to have more in common with ‘Skinny Mario,’ the lanky version of the plumber introduced in Super Mario Maker. Unsurprisingly, some fans are straight-up pairing the two together for maximum weirdness.

Fans are so taken with beta Yoshi that there’s a ton of fan art for him, most of it celebrating his appearance and his strangely satisfied-looking face. Here are some of our favorite reactions from social media, including some depictions which show beta Yoshi in motion.