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Valorant getting a new ranked system for Act 2

Everyone’s rank will get a small reset when the new content launches

Shooting a Vandal rifle in Valorant Image: Riot Games
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Valorant’s big content updates are divided into Acts, for smaller additions like new Agents, and Episodes, for bigger additions like maps, and the game’s first Act is about to come to an end. Ahead of Act 2, which is likely to start around Aug. 4, Riot Games announced a few changes coming to Valorant’s ranked mode in the next Act.

The biggest new addition for the upcoming Act is what Riot is calling Act Ranks. Act Ranks are how Riot will track and display a player’s ranked progress and accomplishments once an Act ends — though these won’t exist for Act 1. Act Ranks will show up on player profiles and work like a commemorative trophy of your competitive journey.

Act Ranks are made up of a few different factors. The first is “proven skill,” which is determined by the nine best ranked wins players have in an Act. So if you win nine games at Diamond, but then fall all the way back down to Gold rank, your proven skill at the end of the Act will only include the nine Diamond wins. The other factors that go into Act Ranks are your highest ranked win, and your number of ranked wins in an Act.

A work in progress of Valorant’s Act Rank Badge
The Act Rank Badge, which displays proven skill
Image: Riot Games

Outside of these ranked prizes, Riot is changing a few other things about the mode as well. In Act 2, all players will have their ranks reset slightly, and will have to play three placement games. These games will take into account Act 1 matchmaking rating, meaning that they should be pretty similar to the games everyone was playing before the new Act began. After these three placements matches, most players will be placed slightly lower than they ended Act 1, because the system wants to place them in winnable games.

While all these changes are on the way for Valorant’s ranked system, we still don’t know what other changes could be coming once the new Act hits. Riot has already mentioned the possibility of releasing new Agents with new Acts — which would certainly make sense for Act 2 — but for any concrete information, we’ll have to wait until Riot reveals its plans sometime in the next several days.