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Red Dead Online’s long-awaited update brings a new role: the naturalist

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Legendary animals, wardrobe changes, and a new Outlaw pass

Red Dead Online - a player hunts a Legendary moose Image: Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online, the multiplayer component of Red Dead Redemption 2, is getting its biggest update Tuesday, which includes a new frontier pursuit: the Naturalist. The Naturalist offers two paths, letting players choose either non-lethal methods or a more aggressive, pelt-taking approach.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Red Dead Online update, which includes a host of smaller changes and a third Outlaw Pass with exclusive rewards and cosmetics.

The Naturalist

Legendary Animals are coming to Red Dead Online. Conversationalist Harriet Davenport will start players off with a mission to track down cougars, foxes, boars, and more, so that they can sedate the beasts and obtain blood samples.

The wrinkle in this particular profession is that it will have an alternate path. A big game hunter, Gus McMillan, will offer players special clothes if they bring him the legendary pelts. Rockstar Games says that Harriet “will take notice of your poaching activities if you try to play both sides of this quarrel,” which suggests that players will have to pick a side in the conflict.

Naturalists will get unlocks like Mercy Kills for animals, a new advanced camera, an exclusive horse, and more. Siding with Harriet will reward players with a Varmint Rifle and sedative cartridges, as well as revive tonics to let animals run free after the sample is taken. Gus will offer an improved bow and an Elephant Rifle for more murderous hunters. One interesting addition with the Naturalist are tonics that allow players to gain and shed weight, leading to a wider range of character customization for those who level up the role.

Tweaks and upgrades

The Naturalist update brings a few gameplay improvements that are designed to clean up the overall Red Dead Online experience. The minimap’s threat indicator is now more visible, with enemies popping out on the radar a bit more. Asynchronous matchmaking has been added to the game, which allows players to play in Free Roam while waiting for an available showdown or race.

Daily challenges have been updated — there are 15 now, instead of 12, and they have better rewards.

Perhaps most importantly, the wardrobe system has been improved, so players can combine more articles of clothing and remove specific elements for more unique looking outfits.

A new Outlaw Pass

The third season pass has been added. There are 80 ranks of progression with two reward trees, one free and one paid. Each level includes rewards, like new belt buckles, outfits, weapon modifications, and camera upgrades.

Red Dead Online’s third Outlaw Pass begins today, and runs through Oct. 19.