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Sea of Thieves adds fiery bosses and a flamethrower in the newest update

Oooh ouchies ouchies hot hot hot

Sea of Thieves - an Ashen Wind tornado on the Sea of Thieves Image: Rare / Microsoft Game Studios
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

The Sea of Thieves is getting hotter, thanks to the July 29 update Ashen Winds. This free update adds a new event to the world: the Ashen Lords, fiery skeleton bosses who can appear on any island and interrupt any voyage with their powerful, flame-based abilities.

Ashen Lords are powerful, and can summon ash and flame tornados that blind players. Their offensive abilities can also incinerate any pirates who aren’t careful. These fights are quite tough, but they give a great reward if you’re successful: the Ashen Winds Skull.

These Skulls can be sold to the Order of Souls for a big burst of reputation and gold, or pirates can use them as a weapon. The Ashen Winds Skulls are flamethrowers, which can be used against other players and their ships.

The catch is that these skulls don’t last forever — if they run out of juice, they can no longer be used as a weapon, and they sell for far less to the Order of Souls. Players will need to carefully weigh each use of the Ashen Winds Skull if they want to both wreak havoc on their enemies and get a big pay day.

There are some other additions to this update, like new, fiery pets that can be purchased from the Pirate Emporium, and new Black Market goods that Duke sells at any pirate Outpost. Rare is also continuing to make accessibility improvements to in-game communications and options.