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The next Fallout 76 event sets up the Brotherhood of Steel

We’re setting up the Brotherhood’s digs

Fallout 76 - a character in Fallout 76 stands outside ATLAS Observatory in Brotherhood of Steel gear Image: Bethesda Game Studios / Bethesda Softworks

One of the Fallout franchise’s most famous factions, the Brotherhood of Steel, is coming to Appalachia. On Aug. 4, an event will begin that sets things up for their arrival. The announcement was made on Thursday via the game’s official blog.

The Brotherhood of Steel featured prominently in every Fallout game to date, but was largely absent from Fallout 76. The faction has its origins in the U.S. military, and was founded in 2077 following the Great War. The narrative begins with Russell Dorsey, one of the game’s new NPCs, who believes that the Brotherhood is incoming and preparing to set up at the ATLAS Observatory. Since Dorsey is such a big fan of the Brotherhood, he wants to make things nice and ready for them... and he’ll reward any player who gives him a hand.

Players can contribute raw materials to Dorsey and, in return, they’ll get a care package. Each package contains supplies and plans, some of which are rare or for new items. Then, there are a series of benchmarks for all Fallout 76 players to contribute towards. If the community can collectively meet Dorsey’s demands they’ll unlock these items, season pass bonuses, and events for every other player, making it an effort shared by anyone who logs on.

August 4-8: Deliver 125,000,000 Steel for a Brotherhood of Steel Beret

August 8-11: Deliver 150,000,000 Concrete for a Brotherhood of Steel CAMP banner

August 11-15: Deliver 200,000,000 Cork — Additional season pass daily challenges from Aug. 20-24

August 15-18: Deliver 150,000,000 Plastic — Bonus Challenges Week from Aug. 26-31.

There will be a week pause after the first stage of operations; the second stage will begin on Aug. 27 and run through Sept. 10.

August 27-31: Deliver 150,000,000 Wood for Steel Dawn Army Fatigues

August 31-September 3: Deliver 200,000,000 Cloth for a Brotherhood of Steel Collectron Station.

September 3-7: Deliver 175,000,000 Leather for a Purveyor 50% off sale from September 10-14.

September 7-10: Deliver 250,000,000 Glass for a Meat Week event from Sept. 22-28.

In addition, the Bethesda yearly convention known as QuakeCon is starting on Aug. 7. QuakeCon will be an all-digital event due to the global pandemic. While it looks like news will be light on the Fallout front, there will be panels and events for Bethesda’s other properties. Players can log into Fallout 76 from Aug. 6 to Aug. 10 for two free items: a Beelzebilly Outfit and a Mr. Demonic backpack.

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