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Animal Crossing fans are using fireworks to make great art

What a view!

An Animal Crossing villager enjoys a fireworks show of Sailor Moon. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Twitter/@peachliIy

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ second summer update introduces fireworks events, which players can enjoy every weekend. Better yet, fans can use their design slots to customize the light show. While some are using fireworks to be crude, others are taking advantage of this ability to light up the sky with all sorts of pixel art.

The top image in this post, for example, hails from New Horizons player peachliIy, who drew out some Sailor Moon characters alongside some Sanrio buddies.

Fireworks can even get political: One highly-voted Reddit post, for instance, has Black Lives Matter-themed art, which follows a larger move by the community to be more inclusive and aware of real-world issues.

But the most popular trend when it comes to fireworks is also the sweetest. Players love to make fireworks of their villagers’ faces, or other New Horizons NPCs, which gives the whole affair a celebratory appeal. It’s particularly nice because your whole town gets together to watch and cheer on the fireworks.

Another common trend sees players decorating dedicated spots for people to come over and watch the fireworks, which are exclusive to the month of August.

And, of course, folks love to recreate all sorts of memes — the sillier the fireworks, the better.

It’s also fairly common to spot references to other video game franchises, like The Legend of Zelda, if not figures from pop culture in general — Hello Kitty seems to be a popular pick.

And at least one person is blowing up fireworks that show off their real-world dog. Aww.

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