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The Secret movie, Host, and everything else you can now watch at home

Umbrella Academy season 2 on Netflix is the weekend’s actual blockbuster

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Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas in The Secret: Dare to Dream Photo: Roadside Attractions

The release date for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet has been bumped around several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it looks like things might finally have settled down for the new movie. The film is set to open in 50 territories at the end of August (including Canada, the United Kingdom, and Korea), and will open in the U.S. in states that have reopened theaters on Sept. 3.

Regal Cinemas are among those set to reopen, as the chain plans to reopen locations beginning Aug. 21. According to the new safety guidelines on their website, masks will be required in the lobby, hallways, and restrooms, but not in the theaters themselves, where patrons will be allowed to eat and drink.

Meanwhile, the first coronavirus romance show is already on the way, in the form of Love in the Time of Corona. Someone actually did it.

As for what’s available to watch right now, here are the new movies you can catch from the comfort of home.

The Secret: Dare to Dream

Where to watch it: Rent on digital, $19.99 on Amazon, Apple, and Google Play

Katie Holmes and Jerry O’Connell in The Secret: Dare to Dream. Photo: Roadside Attractions

The popular self-help book The Secret gets a movie adaptation in the form of The Secret: Dare to Dream, which stars Katie Holmes as a widow doing her best to raise her three children. Josh Lucas co-stars as a mysterious handyman who brings the power of positive thinking into the family’s life.


Where to watch it: Streaming on Shudder

a video chat window in Host Image: Shudder

Filmmaker Rob Savage shot a horror movie entirely in quarantine. The result is Host, which focuses on a group of friends’ weekly video call. The most recent activity they’ve decided on is holding a séance, and though it’s originally just a prank, the séance actually allows a demonic presence to cross over and wreak havoc on their lives — all seen via video chat.

The Fight

Where to watch it: Buy on digital, $12.99 on Google Play, $14.99 on Apple, $19.99 on Amazon

a look inside the aclu offices in the fight Photo: Magnolia Pictures

The documentary The Fight follows five lawyers at the American Civil Liberties Union as they fight four cases, including that of a migrant mother being separated from her child, and of a transgender soldier at risk of losing his career. As the ACLU becomes an increasingly pivotal force in the fight for justice, this documentary provides a concrete look at what the organization does, and how hard the people involved work to protect our freedom.


Where to watch it: Rent on digital, $3.99 on Amazon, $6.99 on Apple

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Gemma Arterton in Summerland. Photo: Lionsgate

Gemma Arterton stars as Alice Lamb, a writer who, due to her reclusive nature, is thought of by the local children as a witch. Things begin to change when, as a part of the war effort during World War II, she is made the caretaker of a young boy. As she reluctantly takes on her new responsibility, she also recalls a past relationship with another writer, Vera (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), with whom she’d once been in love.

Yes, God, Yes

Where to watch it: Rent on digital, $6.99 on Amazon, Apple, and Google Play

natalia dyer in yes, god, yes Photo: Vertical Entertainment

Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer stars in this coming-of-age comedy as a Catholic teenager coming to terms with her sexuality. Her guilt over masturbation sends her to a religious retreat, but her urges only become harder to suppress when one of the other campers starts flirting with her. But maybe being good and devout is more than just being chaste.

New on Netflix this weekend

And here’s what dropped last Friday:

The Rental

Where to watch it: Rent on digital, $5.99 on Amazon, $6.99 on Apple and Google Play

Alison Brie as Michelle in Dave Franco’s THE RENTAL Photo: IFC Films

Dave Franco’s directorial debut focuses on two couples (played by Alison Brie, Dan Stevens, Sheila Vand, and Jeremy Allen White) who rent a vacation home, but begin to suspect that the house’s owner is spying on them. From our review:

In film, voyeurism is only as interesting as the person committing the act. [...] Because voyeurism films are psychological to a fault, they often lead to rich character studies by asking why the antagonist or protagonist is spying on someone. Because of a paraphilia? Because of a latent trauma? Or are they just nosy? The Rental, the directorial debut of actor Dave Franco (Now You See Me, The Disaster Artist) sidesteps those questions to its own detriment while following two couples renting a lavish coastal home for the weekend. The dialogue-heavy script, written by Franco and Joe Swanberg (Netflix’s Easy), positions The Rental as a character drama rather than a prototypical thriller. As the story unfolds, it reveals simmering tensions between the couples, due to their respective secrets.


Where to watch it: Buy on digital, $3.99 on Amazon, $6.99 on Apple and Google Play

Two people at the bottom of a staircase, looking up, in Romola Garai’s horror movie Amulet. Photo: Nick Wall / Magnet Releasing

Romola Garai also makes her directorial debut this week with Amulet. The film, which Garai also wrote, stars Alec Secăreanu as a homeless ex-soldier who is offered a place to stay by a young woman and her dying mother. The ramshackle house they inhabit, however, seems to be home to an eerie, supernatural force as well.

Fisherman’s Friends

Where to watch it: Buy on digital, $3.99 on Google Play, $4.49 on Amazon, $4.99 on Apple

a group of men singing Photo: Samuel Goldwyn Films

This romantic comedy tells a sort of fish-out-of-water story as Danny, a cynical big-city music executive, falls for a prank that involves his signing a group of shanty-singing fishermen. His attempt to bring them to stardom comes into conflict with their insistence on putting their community first and how little they care about fame, but ends up teaching him the importance of friendship and love.


Where to watch it: Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

rosamund pike as marie curie Photo: StudioCanal

Rosamund Pike stars as Marie Curie in this biopic of the pioneering chemist. The film, directed by Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis), is based on the graphic novel by Lauren Redniss, covers both Curie’s work and her personal life, from her discovery of polonium and radium to her relationships with her partner Pierre (Sam Riley) and her colleague Paul Langevin (Aneurin Barnard).

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