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Queer Eye’s Fab Five tackle their biggest makeover subject yet: Gritty

Has the chaotic mascot met his match?

The most recent season of Netflix’s Queer Eye took the new Fab Five to Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. All of the fifth season’s subjects were human, but Netflix has released a new Queer Eye special on its YouTube channel, uniting the Fab Five with Philadelphia’s most famous (or infamous) inhabitant: Gritty.

Since debuting in 2018, the 7-foot Philadelphia Flyers mascot has become a star and an icon of chaos, not least because his immediate appearance (wildly rolling googly eyes, long orange hair) is a little off-putting and that he was designed to be intimidating rather than cuddly. Despite that, Gritty’s meet-up with the Fab Five (facilitated by none other than the Phillie Phanatic) is surprisingly fun.

Will Gritty give up his orange gear? Will he eat something that’s not a Philly cheesesteak? The special is ultimately more about the joy of watching this unlikely crossover than actually changing the furry orange creature.

All of the new Queer Eye is streaming on Netflix now.

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