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Jared Leto’s Tron 3 may actually happen

Director Garth Davis is now attached to the third Tron

Sam Flynn rides a blue-hued lightcycle with streaks of motion blur in a promotional still from Tron: Legacy Image: Disney
Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

A third Tron movie, this one starring Jared Leto in an unidentified role, is moving ahead at Disney, according to a report from Deadline. Director Garth Davis, whose 2016 film Lion was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, has reportedly been tapped to helm the picture.

Davis, who also directed the less well received 2018 biblical drama Mary Magdalene, “aggressively pursued” the Tron directing job, Deadline says. Little is known about the third Tron, which has been in various states of development over the past decade. At one point, Disney and director Joseph Kosinski planned to film a direct sequel to 2010’s Tron Legacy, but moved on to direct Tom Cruise in 2013’s Oblivion and next year’s Top Gun: Maverick.

Leto’s been attached to Tron 3 since 2017. The actor will also reportedly co-produce the film.

The original Tron hit theaters in 1982. The sci-fi film imagined a world inside computers where living programs exist in the likeness of their creators. Jeff Bridges played Kevin Flynn, a computer programmer who is digitized and does battle in the film’s cyberspace, in the film. Disney released the sequel, Tron: Legacy, in 2010. That film starred Garrett Hedlund as Kevin Flynn’s son Sam, who entered the virtual reality known as the Grid to prevent a rogue program named Clu from invading the real world.

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