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Apex Legends’ new animated short shows off Rampart and her giant turret

The trailer also features a familiar Titanfall 2 character

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Apex Legends’ newest character, Rampart, is on the way. After her reveal last week, Respawn Entertainment has continued to dole out slow and steady hints about her character and abilities on Twitter, but now we’ve finally got her animated Outlands short, called The Endorsement. It helped fill in a whole lot more about her backstory.

The short starts with Bangalore and Gibraltar hanging out at a bar and talking up Rampart’s skills with both wrenches and guns. Then, a small gang — who seem to be led by a mysterious new figure — shows up at Rampart’s mechanic shop in the middle of the night and Rampart jumps into action. She activates some of her shop’s defenses, including a heavy turret, but eventually she gets overwhelmed.

She’s knocked unconscious, then woken up by a character who appears to be Kuban Blisk from Titanfall 2. Blisk hands Rampart a card with the Apex Games logo on it, says it’s time to get her patched up, seemingly inviting her to join the games — which would make sense, since he’s the creator of the games in the first place.

Rampart from Apex Legends using her Turret with its giant shield Image: Respawn Entertainment/EA Games

But this trailer did more than reveal Rampart’s backstory. It also gave us a brief glimpse into her abilities, or at least one of them. Near the end of the animated short, she constructs a massive heavy turret, complete with a shield, which seems like a pretty good candidate for her Ultimate ability. We’ll have to wait for Respawn to reveal her full kit to know for sure what she can do.

Rampart should arrive at the same time as Apex Legends season 6, which is set to kick off sometime on Aug. 18.

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