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Respawn shows off Apex Legends’ season 6 map changes

Season 6 also got a slightly new release date

Two Apex Legends characters look at the World’s Edge map from a drop ship Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Respawn keeps doling out the previews for Apex Legends season 6 at a slow and steady pace. On Friday morning, it was the gameplay trailer, and now Respawn is giving players a preview of some of the World’s Edge map changes that the trailer teased.

In a new post on the Apex Legends website, Respawn offers players an in-depth look at some of the locations that are getting updated on the World’s Edge map for season 6. Some of the biggest changes are coming to the lava section of the map, which is getting a few new points of interest, like Launch Site, a new area west of The Dome — which adds some new and much-needed cover, and should make it a slightly more interesting area to play in.

Even better, Respawn is cleaning up some of the paths around that map, which should make rotating from the lava area a little easier if you get an unlucky circle. Another area new to this version of the map is Countdown. As Hammond Industries moves into the World’s Edge map and reshapes it for its own mysterious purposes, the old Drill Site area on the map has been replaced by Countdown.

Countdown, Launch Site, and Staging — another new area added for season 6 — have new retractable walls, which players can raise if they’re in need of some extra defenses. But don’t rely on them too much; there’s always a path below or around these walls.

The post also includes a few more tweaks and changes located all around the map, complete with image sliders to show players side-by-side comparisons of the new and old versions of each area. Of course, Respawn probably isn’t showing off all the changes, either, so there will probably be a few more surprises when the season actually goes live.

Speaking of going live, Respawn also announced a new detail on the season 6 release. Apex Legends season 6 was set to go live on Aug. 18, and while that is still technically true, it’s actually going to be released a little earlier (depending on where you live). To help ease the bandwidth requirement of too many people trying to download the season patch at once, it will be released at 1 a.m. EDT that day — which is 10 p.m. PDT on Aug. 17.

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