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Here’s every wild conspiracy theory from Umbrella Academy season 2 jammed into 20 minutes

The Hargreeves siblings get caught up in some wacky business

The second season of Netflix’s Umbrella Academy centers around the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. If you’re mildly versed in United States history, you’ll know that the assassination of JFK is more complicated than your standard presidential assassination and one of the biggest conspiracy theories in U.S. history.

But the assassination of JFK isn’t the only conspiracy theory mentioned in season 2. According to Netflix, showrunner Steve Blackman threaded a lot of American conspiracy theories into the show. A new video attempts to point out (almost!) every conspiracy theory mentioned, from more common ones like Area 51 and Roswell to lesser known like Big Dairy, and ranks them according to a probability meter. The whole video is almost 20 minutes long — lots of conspiracy theories to pack in there.

Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy dropped on Netflix at the end of July, following the Hargreeves siblings after time travel displaced them in 1960s Dallas, Texas.

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