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Hulu’s The Binge is a drug- and alcohol-fueled variation on The Purge

Santa Clarita Diet and Booksmart’s Skyler Gisondo stars

What if The Purge, but less violent? That’s essentially the question at the center of the Hulu original movie The Binge, which centers around a “Binge Day” when all drugs and alcohol are legal (they’ve been made illegal by the government for the entire rest of the year).

The Binge, directed by Jeremy Garelick, also takes some cues from Booksmart, as the stars of the film are three 18-year-old boys (Skyler Gisondo, Eduardo Franco, and Dexter Darden) who, tired of their usual mild-mannered ways, set out to have a memorable experience. After drugging their parents to escape, they do their best to get to the wildest party possible, with Griffin (Gisondo) also determined to impress the girl he has a crush on (Grace Van Dien).

The movie also stars Vince Vaughn as the principal of their high school, who is firmly anti-Binge Day, though the trailer makes it clear that he’ll get caught up in some Binge Day shenanigans regardless.

The film will be available to stream on Hulu beginning Aug. 28.

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