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Hades coming to Nintendo Switch, complete with cross-save

Supergiant’s latest hits the Switch this fall

Hades Image: Supergiant

During Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase on Tuesday, Supergiant Games revealed its plans to bring Hades to the Switch this fall. Fans who already own Hades can also transfer their progress over with cross-save.

Hades, currently in early access, takes place in the Greek underworld. Players take on Zagreus, the son of lord Hades himself, as he tries to emancipate himself from his overbearing father by escaping Hell. Zagreus enlists help from his aunts and uncles — other gods in the Greek pantheon — to defeat ancient monsters and escape.

Hades is a roguelike, meaning players maintain some progress after each run. After every failed attempt to escape Hell, Zagreus ends up back in Hades’ chamber. When back at home, Zagreus can spend resources on new upgrades, improving the likelihood he’ll escape during the next run. Between runs, Supergiant’s customary narrative focus comes out as well, as Zagreus chats up old friends and new characters hanging out in Hades’ halls.

Supergiant didn’t give a concrete date for Hades on Switch, but announced plans to release it this fall. It’s currently unclear if or when Hades will come to other consoles.

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