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Bill Murray and Rashida Jones hang out in NYC in Sofia Coppola’s new movie

The two star in On the Rocks as a father and daughter

Watching the trailer for Sofia Coppola’s new movie, On the Rocks, evokes a potent sense of nostalgia as stars Bill Murray and Rashida Jones run around a pre-pandemic New York City.

Jones plays Laura, a woman whose life begins to unravel when her husband Dean (Marlon Wayans) starts spending more and more time away from home. Is he cheating on her? She takes her uncertainty to her father Felix (Murray), whose history of charming women makes him, in her mind, the perfect person to figure things out.

Unfortunately, Felix’s plan is simply to follow Dean around and see what he’s up to. Though Laura is initially resistant, she ultimately ends up going along with it, and the two of them set off of an adventure across the city. It’s not only a chance for them to argue over their different views on relationships — Felix is nothing if not antiquated, citing the male need to procreate, while Laura finds that thinking repulsive — but it’s also a chance for them to bond.

The film, distributed by A24 and Apple, will debut on Apple TV Plus in October.

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