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See how the Xbox Series X UI will unite consoles, PCs, and phones

Xbox’s new UI will connect players no matter what devices they’re on

Xbox’s new UI for all its different devices Image: Microsoft

The Xbox Series X’s release date is just a few months away — probably — and Microsoft has finally given us a preview of what things will look like when we first boot up the console. In a post on Wednesday, Microsoft gave fans its first look at the New Xbox Experience user interface, which will connect Xbox players across consoles, PC, and mobile devices.

The new Xbox UI should be familiar to anyone that’s used an Xbox One. Tiles still provide large images and represent most of the navigation to different menus, but everything has been streamlined a bit, according to Microsoft. Things like launching games, navigating to your social tabs, and browsing for new games in the newly redesigned Microsoft Store should all be easier on the new UI than they were before.

Xbox Series X’s Microsoft Store Image: Microsoft

Speaking of the store, Microsoft also says that it will be easier to determine what exactly is included with subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass on the new dashboard. For instance, which games you get free, and which are available via cloud gaming for Android users.

A screenshot from the Xbox Series X UI Image: Microsoft

More than just helping users navigate their games though, the new UI is designed to be a social hub that will let players connect with each other wherever they’re playing. A new, much smoother and easier to navigate, social tab lets players across mobile platforms, consoles, and PC talk with each other in parties and chats, which will now all occupy the same social tab. This way, players can always connect to their Xbox Live friends no matter which device or version of the app they’re using.

Xbox’s new social UI on phones, PC, and console Image: Microsoft

According to Microsoft, parts of this new design will start to roll out over the next few weeks and by November, when the Xbox Series X launches, the UI should be entirely updated.

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