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Sea of Thieves’ summer event is all about the little things

Shark teeth, accessibility, and daily challenges

A limited time set of ship cosmetics in Sea of Thieves Rare / Microsoft

Rare has released the August update for Sea of Thieves, which kicks off an event known as the “Summer of Sea of Thieves.” This event is far less involved or cinematic as the Ashen Winds update, which introduced fiery pirates commanding spectral ships, but it has a lot of nice bonuses and reasons for players to log in regularly.

The August event is called Hunters of the Deep, and it tasks players with hunting down megalodons in order to collect their teeth. Shark teeth can unlock a new set of ship cosmetics called the Shrouded Ghost, allowing players to make their sloop or galleon far more spooky. If players miss the August event, they will be able to pick the Shrouded Ghost ship set up through the Pirate Emporium for real money.

Alongside the shark-hunting event, there will be a series of time-limited challenges that offer rewards. These are mostly simple things like repairing one’s ship, selling certain items, or pulling off in-game challenges like talking to a specific set of NPCs around the world. These challenges run from Aug. 19 until Sept. 30, giving players some time to wrap everything up and earn their rewards.

There are a lot of quality of life and accessibility changes in the patch, including a feature that claims to provide text translations for players speaking other languages in voice chat. There are also more rewards from skeleton ships, more Ashen Lords on islands to battle, smarter megalodons, and less recoil that pushes players back upon vomiting, so that’s nice.

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