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You can now stream the first episode of Lovecraft Country for free

HBO is giving everyone a preview of its new supernatural horror show

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The first episode of Lovecraft Country debuted last Sunday on HBO, but the network has now made it available to non-subscribers so everyone can get a taste of the show’s supernatural horror.

Lovecraft Country follows Black army veteran Atticus Turner and his friends and family as they venture into a world of occult mystery, supernatural monsters, and the very real horror of the Jim Crow-era United States. The show’s first episode throws viewers into the deep end with plenty of eerie mysteries and enough horrific, otherworldly monsters to live up to the series’ name already.

The first episode is currently available on,, and even YouTube, completely free. While HBO’s shows are normally cordoned off behind its exclusive subscription, WarnerMedia is hoping the free preview of the show will convince anyone who was on the fence that they should subscribe to HBO Max to check out the rest of the series.

Of course, unlike new shows from other streaming services, Lovecraft Country will only debut one new episode a week, so if you’re interested enough to see the rest of the series, you’ll have to stick around for a couple of months. New episodes of Lovecraft County premiere at 9 p.m. ET every Sunday night.

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