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The original Battletoads is back with a new reprint

The game is still Nintendo hard, though

Battletoads art Image: Rare/Microsoft
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Remember Battletoads? The classic Nintendo game is coming back with a modern, slick update, which is available on Xbox Game Pass. But for those players who long for the original Battletoads experience, there’s a solution. A reprint for the original Nintendo Entertainment System is available to pre-order on Iam8bit’s store for $99.99.

This is a playable cartridge, and it comes in one of two colors: translucent zitz green and pimple brown, which is appropriate for the Battletoads and its color scheme, along with a bunch of other goodies, like an instruction booklet with restored artwork, and a fold-out foil box.

These re-releases are a fun way to celebrate franchises and their roots, like a previous SNES re-release of Street Fighter 2 from the same store. That being said, the original Battletoads was pretty hard, and many players were never able to actually beat the game. If that’s the case, this might be the change for those players to get revenge and finally get to the ending ... or maybe we’ll all just crash on Turbo Tunnel again, in which case, at least it’s a nice collectible.