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Blaseball is back today after a short break

The commissioner? Doing a great job, I’d say

A listing of the different teams and leagues in Blaseball Image: The Game Band

Blaseball is making its triumphant return on Monday at 12 p.m. ET.

After taking a two-week extended siesta, the Blaseball teams are back duking it out to see who comes out on top. The third season of the surreal twist on baseball had a ton of downtime due to the game’s popularity. Blaseball creators The Game Band announced that the team would be taking a short break to improve the website and add more features.

For those looking to join in on Blaseball when it relaunches, it’s simple. Pick your preferred team, and you will be awarded coins every time the team wins. Then you can bet coins on matches. Won coins can be used to power up your coin gains or you can use them to buy votes. Votes allow you to take part in the election, which happens every season. You can vote for things that will permanently change how Blaseball is played, or you can vote on “blessings” to improve your team.

Blaseball has amassed a huge following, filled with creative fans who make lore for their favorite players and teams.

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