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Alice is Missing is an RPG you can play solely through texts

The game is played almost totally in silence

an illustration from alice is missing Image: Renegade Game Studios

The upcoming role-playing game Alice is Missing promises a totally unique experience. The game, which has players investigate the disappearance of high schooler Alice Briarwood, is played almost entirely in silence and via text message.

Designed and written by Spenser Starke and launched as Kickstarter in May by Hunters Entertainment, the project was successful to the tune of more than $138,000. The game will now be published in partnership with Renegade Game Studios. The one-shot game begins with an explanation of the rules, then a brief period where talking is allowed. That’s when players create their characters and figure out their respective relationships with Alice and each other. After that, players can only communicate via text.

It’s a novel way of conducting an RPG that seems perfect for socially distanced play. The demand for silence also goes counter to the general desire to chat while playing and RPG, which means players will have to be as effective in their texts as possible.

The game is set to come out this December, and is currently available for pre-order for $20 USD. If you want to take a look at what a gameplay session is like in the meanwhile, take a look at this live play session below: