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Riot reveals units for Team Fight Tactics: Fates, the game’s fourth set

The game’s new Chosen mechanic could change everything

Teamfight Tactics: Fates logo Image: Riot Games

In a new Teamfight Tactics blog post, Riot Games revealed some major details for the game’s fourth set.

Teamfight Tactics operates a little differently from other auto battlers; Riot completely replaces all its units every few months. The new set, coming in mid-September, is called Fates, and follows a fantasy theme.

Riot revealed some of the new units’ origins and classes, but also touched on a brand-new mechanic in Fates: chosen units.

Chosen units operate a little differently than standard units. Each time your shop pops up, there’s a chance you’ll come across a Chosen champion. Chosen units offer a host of bonuses, but you can only have one at a time — selling the unit will allow new Chosen units to appear in your store.

TFT Set 4 Chosen unit icon
A Chosen Garen with bonus Vanguard
Image: Riot Games

Chosen units cost three times as much as normal ones, but start at the two-star level. Chosen champions also get a bonus to either their origin or class — and it’s randomly selected. Instead of just counting for one unit, the Chosen unit’s origin or class counts for two. Chosen units also gain bonus health and an additional bonus: HP, spell power, AD, or reduced mana cost.

The example Riot gave was Garen, a 1-cost unit, with the Chosen Vanguard trait. This Chosen Garen cost three gold, and counts for two Vanguards (its class). It still only counts as a single Warlord (its origin).

Warlords gain a stacking bonus for every battle you win with them on the board. This effect stacks up to five times and includes battles won prior to you activating the Warlord bonus.

Here are the Warlord units we know of:

  • Nidalee (Warlord/Sharpshooter, 1 gold)
  • Garen (Warlord/Vanguard, 1 gold)
  • Jarvan (Warlord/Exemplar, 2 gold)
  • Vi (Warlord/Brawler, 2 gold)
  • Katarina (Warlord/Assassin, 3 gold)
  • Xin Zhao (Warlord/Duelist, 3 gold)

The Assassin bonus lets spells critically strike. So far, we only know three Assassins:

  • Diana (Moonlight/Assassins, 1 gold)
  • Pyke (Cultist/Assassin, 2 gold)
  • Katarina (Warlord/Assassin, 3 gold)

The exemplar bonus offers some kind of shield to other units. We know of three Exemplars:

  • Elise (Cultist/Exemplar, 1 gold)
  • Jarvan (Warlord/Exemplar, 2 gold)
  • Katarina (Warlord/Assassin, 3 gold)
TFT Set 4 Moonlight comp
When all the Moonlight champions are three-star, you’ll get the brand new four-star unit
Image: Riot Games

The Moonlight trait only offers champions that cost one or two gold, and a single three-piece trait. With the Moonlight bonus active, the game will temporarily upgrade your lowest star level Moonlight champion. This is an easy way to get more two-star Champions early in the game, or even a three-star. If you have multiple units of the same star level, Moonlight will upgrade the champion with the most items. Moonlight also offers a four-star champion for the first time ever, only possible if you have a three-star of each Moonlight.

Here are all three Moonlight champions:

  • Diana (Moonlight/Assassins, 1 gold)
  • Lissandra (Moonlight/Dazzler, 1 gold)
  • Sylas (Moonlight/Brawler, 2 gold)
TFT Set 4 Cultist Galio
A look at the different forms of Galio from the Cultist origin
Image: Riot Games

Unlike Moonlight, Cultist offers eight different Champions. When you have at least three Cultists (and up to nine), the units will use their collective power to summon Galio to the field. Galio’s power is directly tied to the number of Cultists you have, starting at Tyrant Galio, and eventually capping at Supreme Overlord Galio. Galio is his own unit, only available via the Cultist trait, with massive HP and damage.

Here are the Cultists we know about:

  • Elise (Cultist/Exemplar, 1 gold)
  • Twisted Fate (Cultist/Mage, 1 gold)
  • Pyke (Cultist/Assassin, 2 gold)
  • Evelynn (Cultist/Shade, 3 gold)
  • Kalista (Cultist/Duelist, 3 gold)
  • Aatrox (Cultist/Vanguard, 4 gold)

Riot’s blog post ends without clarifying a few of the new champion traits.

Here are the traits we know the names of but not the general effects:

  • Sharpshooter
  • Vanguard
  • Ninja
  • Duelist
  • Dazzler
  • Brawler
  • Mage
  • Shade
  • Phantasm

We’ll likely learn more about each of these unit types when Fates comes to the test server soon.

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