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First trailer for Julie and the Phantoms shows off the glittery ghost boy band

In Kenny Ortega we trust

High School Musical, Newsies, and Hocus Pocus visionary Kenny Ortega has done it again, folks. Ortega’s latest project is a Netflix musical comedy-drama with a lot of glitter, guitars, and also ghosts.

Julie and the Phantoms follows an aspiring young musician who loses her passion for music after the death of her mother. But fear not — she accidentally comes across the ghosts of three hunky former boy band members. Thanks to weird funky ghost magic (hey, we’re not questioning it), she can see them, but other people can’t unless they’re playing music with her. They inspire her to start performing again, and the four of them start a band called Julie and the Phantoms.

The show is based on a Brazilian series of the same name. Madison Reyes stars as Julie, with Charlie Gillespie, Jeremy Shada (yes, Finn the Human himself), and Owen Patrick Joyner as the ghost boy band. Booboo Stewart and Cheyenne Jackson also star.

Julie and the Phantoms hits Netflix on Sept. 10

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