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Sea of Thieves’ Twitter posts a new riddle teasing new treasure and traps

Get ready to go gold hunting

Sea of Thieves - a crew of pirates play music around a treasure chest they’ve just discovered Rare/Microsoft Studios

Sea of Thieves has received a steady stream of updates over the past year, but this particular upcoming patch seems more mysterious than most. On Wednesday, the Sea of Thieves Twitter account posted a bit of a riddle.

The poem reads: The Hoarders hide their gold anew / In ancient vaults, concealed from view / Walls of shifting stone concealing / Coins and gems from floor to ceiling / Clues dispersed by winds of fate / Contain the means to raise the gate / Though once inside, my greedy friend / You may yet meet a nasty end...”

This particular form of riddle is familiar to anyone who’s played Sea of Thieves; they’re written by the Gold Hoarder faction, who ask players to go to various islands and dig up valuable chests full of gold. It sounds like “ancient vaults” are coming to the game, and they’re presumably full of Indiana Jones-style traps and enemies to fend off. This could be a Tall Tale, similar to the Shores of Gold quest line, or it could be the addition of a new end-game activity for the Gold Hoarders that sends players out tracking clues and raiding caverns.

It’s likely that we’ll find out the nature of the event soon; the most recent Sea of Thieves update went live on July 29, and added Ashen Lord skeletons with fire tornadoes and flamethrower skulls to the game as an island threat to contend with.

We’ve reached out to Rare for comment on the next update and will update if we receive more information on the teaser.

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