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I love and hate Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles’ moogles

Please stop talking and let me appreciate your round form in peace

A Selkie stands in front of two round moogles Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Moogles are the adorable cat-like creatures in Final Fantasy games, and in Crystal Chronicles, they are round and incredible.

Crystal Chronicles’ moogles are round and they don’t have arms. They float around and live in various homes that are hidden around the game’s world. Their orb-like bodies and adorable little feet make them the perfect shape.

There is one thing about these moogles that I absolutely despise. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered introduces brand new voice acting to the game. Most Final Fantasy games that have voice acting will not make the moogles speak English. There will be subtitles and implications that they’re speaking the same language as everyone else, but you’ll normally just hear these whooping sound effects in place of spoken language. However, in the new version of Crystal Chronicles, they speak English. And I hate it.

It’s jarring to hear these round small creatures speak English, especially if you’re expecting the tiny moogle sound. Moogles do talk in some of the other Final Fantasy games, but the thing that makes the Crystal Chronicles moogles awful is the fact that Mog, the moogle that sticks around and carries your chalice for you, talks a lot.

A moogle receiving a new hairstyle note that it “feels nice.”
Please stop saying that.
Image: Square Enix via Polygon

As you trudge through dungeons, Mog will tell you to “hang in there,” or will note that he’s tired of carrying the chalice. He’s annoying and I don’t want to hear his weird human voice. Luckily, I can turn off character voices to avoid having to listen to his constant nagging.

I am very upset that I had to hear a moogle speak and that I have to hear moogles speak so often, ruining their adorable tiny appearances, but this is the burden I will live with.

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