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LucasArts classic Sam and Max is coming back with a new VR game

It’s the first title in the franchise since 2010

Sam and Max on a street corner. Image: Happy Giant Games

The Sam and Max franchise of cartoony adventure games is getting rebooted for virtual reality. The announcement was made Thursday during the Gamescom virtual press conference.

Sam and Max are a pair of crime-fighting animals introduced via comic strips in the 1980s that went on to become a proper line of comic books in 1987’s Sam & Max: Freelance Police. They went mainstream in the early 1990s with the first SCUMM-powered adventure game, Sam & Max Hit the Road. They were also rebooted as an episode series by Telltale games.

Little is known about the new Sam & Max game, but Gamescom Opening Night host Geoff Keighley confirmed that it will be a virtual reality title on Twitter.

In the teaser, Sam and Max first pistols down an empty street before donning a Mattel Viewmaster-style cardboard VR headset. Expect plenty of comedy to ensue. There’s also the promise of more details in a separate online presentation Thursday evening.

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