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Breaking down Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s Revenant, Behemoth, and Shadebinder subclasses

The new Gamescom Stasis trailer really gave us a great look at Destiny 2’s newest power

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At Gamescom’s Opening Night Light, Bungie unveiled another look at Stasis, the upcoming new powers in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. The new trailer gave us a look at a few new abilities, as well as the names for the new subclasses. But a recent update on Bungie’s website previews more of the new features, and reveal dates for each Stasis subclass.

There’s a new Stasis Field ability, which looks to come from a grenade. The Stasis Field is a giant winter storm consuming an area. Based on the trailer, targets inside the field appear to freeze over time, and potentially take damage. When enemies freeze, they seem completely unable to move. Damaging enemies with certain moves seems to “shatter” them, dealing extra damage and causing an explosion in the area.

The Shadebinder Warlock wields a staff of ice and appears to have two primary abilities: a freeze attack and a shatter attack. (This is a common theme for Stasis.) We see the Warlock fire a bolt of ice at a group of Vex, and then use some kind of burst ability to shatter them into 1,000 pieces.

We also see the Warlock throw a Stasis Field during a Crucible match. The field slows the Hunter inside, the Warlock blasts them with their Super to freeze them instantly, and swaps to a sniper rifle. The sniper then appears to shatter the frozen Hunter in a single shot, despite the Warlock only aiming for the body.

Beyond Light Revenant Hunter in action
The Hunter prepares to hurl their axes at the Dreg
Image: Bungie

The Revenant Hunter appears to work very similarly to the Blade Barrage ability — as seen in some B-roll from Bungie, where the game refers to the Super as Silence and Squall. The Hunter leaps into the air with their two axes, hurls one and then the other into a crowd, and the group explodes into frozen chunks of ice. In the trailer, the explosion appears to leave behind an ice tornado, which freezes a nearby Minotaur.

We then see another Stasis Field grenade — this time from a Hunter — which lands on a group of Crucible enemies. The enemies kill one of the Hunter’s allies, but they appear to freeze after standing in the Stasis Field for too long. The Hunter then uses their melee override glaive throw, bouncing it off a wall and into the enemies, shattering them both.

Finally, we get a look at the Behemoth Titan, who creates an icy glove over their fist. In the B-roll for this Super (called Glacial Quake), the Titan runs around smashing the ground and freezing nearby enemies. The alternate attack sees the Titan punch a target with their frozen fist, shattering any enemies they hit. This is another roaming Super for the Titan.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Frozen vandal
A completely frozen Vandal, ready to be shattered
Image: Bungie

The rest of the trailer shows some stylish moves, some of which we’ve seen before. We see the Hunter stabbing their ice axe into the ground, shattering nearby enemies, and Titan’s sliding into frozen foes to shatter them. We also get a new look at a Warlock perk, which instantly freezes nearby enemies when the Warlock casts their Rift.

In one of the final shots, we see a Titan freeze a group of Crucible enemies and then a Warlock diving in to shatter them. This confirms that Stasis abilities play off of one another, giving players incentive to run more than one at a time.

The Bungie B-roll revealed one additional tidbit inside the gameplay. When players cast their Super and kill enemies, they no longer generate Orbs of Light — the currency that allows allies to regain their Supers faster. Instead, they generate Orbs of Power. With the Stasis powers coming explicitly from The Darkness, it seems they’re incapable of generating Light energy. We’ll likely learn more about this when Bungie launches Beyond Light, and we learn how Guardians acquire these new Darkness powers.

Bungie will further reveal the subclasses over the next two weeks, with a new class every few days:

  • Warlock Shadebinder on Sept. 1
  • Titan Behemoth on Sept. 3
  • Hunter Revenant on Sept. 8

Bungie will launch Destiny 2: Beyond Light on Nov. 10 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. Next-gen versions of the game will come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X later this year.

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