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Ninja is back on Twitch following Mixer closure

Everything old is new again

Ninja sits at his computer in front of a crowd at Lollapalooza Image: Ninja via Mixer

Early August sees the release of Fortnite’s big car-related update, and the battle royale game’s most famous player has jumped right in. That’s right, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is back — and he’s livestreaming on his old stomping grounds to the tune of 96,000 viewers and climbing, as of this writing.

This jump comes after a short stint on YouTube, where the blue-haired entertainer pulled in over 100,000 fans. That jump had many people speculating about where Ninja would permanently park his Red Bull bandana following the sudden closing of Mixer.

For a while, Ninja was exclusively performing on the Microsoft-owned platform, allegedly earning millions of dollars on the deal. But despite poaching multiple high-profile Twitch streamers, and some experimental features, Mixer just never took off. Mixer has since started transitioning its users to Facebook Gaming, though many are jumping ship to come back on Twitch.

It’s possible that Ninja’s foray on Twitch isn’t permanent, either — according to a recent feature by The Hollywood Reporter, Blevins is currently setting his sights on becoming a movie star.

“Blevins, who doesn’t have a talent agent, is reading scripts and shopping original ideas that he could produce or star in,” the report says. Apparently, Blevins had a small role in the last Jumanji film that was ultimately cut, though fans can look forward to spotting him in Ryan Reynold’s upcoming Free Guy movie. And, to wit, Blevins isn’t sporting a “subscribe” button on Twitch right now — he is no longer a partner on the platform — though he does have a part of his livestream description dedicated to donations.

Twitch, for its part, seemed a bit salty about Blevins’ initial departure — for a while, his URL redirected viewers to a general Fortnite landing page that read “The Ninja you’re looking for is in another castle.” But that move backfired, as folks soon started spotting porn livestreams that would pop up on Blevins’ old URL. Things got fixed, but Blevins was upset that it ever happened at all.

All the same, Twitch chat seems thrilled and in slight disbelief that he’s back in action. Blevins, for his part, continues to perform his highly excitable character — but this time, his tendency to try on different playful voices carries a different tone. We know, after all, that Blevins hopes to do some voice work in Hollywood as well.