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Ryan Reynolds released the ‘Reynolds Cut’ of Green Lantern

And it’s good ... or, at least, better?

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern 2011 Image: Warner Bros. Pictures
Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

There’s one DC movie so notoriously bad that it could only be saved by a re-cut done by one of the visionary minds behind it. And now it’s finally here: the Ryan Reynolds cut of Green Lantern ...wait, what did you think I meant?

In order to create his new masterpiece, Reynolds cut the 2011 Green Lantern movie down from its actual running time of one hour and 54 minutes, to a lean 27 seconds. He also used almost no actual footage from the movie.

Instead, the re-cut starts with the Deadpool 2 post-credits scene where Deadpool goes back in time to shoot Reynolds rather than letting him take the Green Lantern role, then moves through the entire plot of the actual movie in about four quick scenes. Green Lantern’s dad is a pilot who dies, Green Lantern becomes a pilot, he gets the ring, beats Parallax, and that’s pretty much the whole movie. For some reason, Tom Cruise plays Green Lantern in the end. There’s even an after-credits scene in the Reynolds cut that includes Green Lantern meeting the Justice League before flying away.

This isn’t Reynolds first time taking shots at his (second) failed journey into superhero stardom. As previously mentioned, Deadpool never misses a chance to make fun of Reynolds foray into the DC Universe, and he’s made more than a few jokes in other places as well. It does seem worth mentioning that one thing that is almost entirely left out of Reynolds’ new Green Lantern cut is his co-star and wife Blake Lively, which is either extremely rude or an act of mercy, depending on how you look at it.

Of course, Reynolds is also poking fun at another idea with his tweet, the much teased and anticipated, “Snyder Cut” of Justice League. The new edit of the infamously bad DC team-up movie spent years as a Movie Internet cryptid, but thanks to HBO Max and Snyder himself, it’s finally set to come out sometime next year. But let it be known that it was beat to market by the Reynolds Cut of Green Lantern.

Despite the fact that Reynolds’ new, and significantly shorter, version of Green Lantern does include him meeting the Justice League, it’s worth noting that his version of Hal Jordan probably won’t actually show up in the Snyder Cut. In fact, HBO Max is currently working on a new Green Lantern TV show from the creators of Arrow and Flash, that will hopefully give the hero a shot at redemption, at least on the small screen. There’s no word yet on who will play Green Lantern in the series, but after this video, Reynolds’ chances seem low.