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Smash Bros. gets a ‘small battlefield’ and the internet is delighted

What is this, a stage for ants?

Image: Nintendo

Surprise! A new update dropped for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which reportedly improves some part of the online experience along with some tweaks to Elite Smash. But the biggest addition has to be yet another version of Battlefield, the hardcore stage anchored by a few platforms.

What’s the difference? Well, this one is smol. Also, Nintendo saw fit to remove the top platform, which gives players less mobility overall. This addition swings in the opposite direction of Nintendo’s last Battlefield remix, which made the iconic Smash Bros. stage big.

Small Battlefield is nonetheless a somewhat bizarre addition that sounds like a joke, yet is totally real — which might explain why players are lovingly making fun of it on social media, where the update briefly trended. There are some concerns over whether or not some characters can kill too easily on that stage, but mostly, folks seem delighted by Small Battlefield’s existence.