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Bungie reveals Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes 2020 Summer holiday

The grind for new Solstice armor starts Aug. 11

On Aug. 11, Destiny 2 holiday vendor and space grandma, Eva Levante, will return to the Tower for Solstice of Heroes.

Destiny’s annual summer holiday runs from Aug. 11 to Sept. 8, and players can participate to earn a new armor set for each class. The European Aerial Zone, a special activity from Solstice of Heroes 2019, also returns this year.

Like the last two years, players will start Solstice of Heroes with some basic armor, and complete a series of events in Destiny to to upgrade the pieces. In previous years, this included doing some old story missions or completing various objectives in the European Aerial Zone activity.

Solstice of Heroes 2020 Warlock final upgrades
Data miner Ginsor details some of the steps players need to complete to upgrade the 2020 Warlock armor
Image: Bungie via Ginsor

According to an image from famed Destiny 2 data miner Ginsor, posted to the RaidSecrets Discord (shown above), players will need to do some difficult activities — like winning Trials of Osiris matches — to fully upgrade their armor this year.

In previous years, players could buy colored glows to enhance the look of their armor from Destiny 2’s Eververse store. This year, players can purchase some glows and earn others in-game.

As always, Solstice of Heroes will see new cosmetic items appear in Destiny 2’s Eververse store.

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