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Fall Guys players are trolling win screens with BIG LETTERS

A patch is already here to fix the exploit

Fall Guys running in all different directions Image: Mediatonic/Devolver Digital

Fall Guys is a wild, silly battle royale game in which a series of little jelly bean players jostle their way past obstacles and compete for a chance to grab the crown. Only one little bean can win, but players are finding ways to make their own fun even outside of the traditional format. For instance, what if everyone saw a player’s name and had to pay tribute because it was in BIG LETTERS? The Fall Guys devs are patching the game to solve this very issue after players reported enormous names showing up at the end-of-round screen.

While some players were focusing on capturing the enemy tails or dodging a big spinny wheel, other players discovered that they could modify the HTML in Fall Guys to change their name to anything they wanted, formatting and all. These players immediately became drunk with power, and posted some of their exploits on social media.

Because players can choose to hide the names in the end-of-round screen, this is a fairly harmless prank, all things considered — it’s likely that some of the game’s most avid players never noticed that the screen was being hijacked by some big, tremendously buff letters. But other unsuspecting gamers who were just hoping to unwind with some Fall Guys found themselves ambushed by a player’s name, made bigger than one could possibly comprehend.

Thursday’s Fall Guys patch takes this away from the unruly masses, so everyone’s back to having their own, normal names at a regular size once again. There are also a series of quality of life changes and small fixes in the patch that should make the Fall Guys experience a little smoother and more even.

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