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Hitman 3 will let you kill in VR

Play the entire World of Assassination trilogy in PSVR

All of Hitman’s “World of Assassination” trilogy — the adventures spanning the episodic reboot of 2016 through Hitman 3 coming next year — will be playable in PlayStation VR.

IO Interactive and Sony announced the VR version during the State of Play event on Thursday afternoon. They showed a trailer (above) featuring Agent 47 stalking his prey, first-person perspective, inside some kind of upscale hotel bar in Dubai.

World of Assassination was introduced in 2018’s Hitman 2, which brought back missions in the 2016’s game’s original six locations, with a new progression system, weapons, difficulty levels and enemy AI. World of Assassination went on to encompass several new missions in Hitman 2, and it will again be a calling card for the newest game when that launches in January 2021.

Hitman 3 was revealed at Sony’s online event back in June. The game will also launch on Google Stadia, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in addition to PlayStation 4 and PS5.

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