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Temtem, the Pokémon-like MMO, is coming to PS5

Monster collecting goodness for the next generation

Temtem was initially released as an early access game on PC, but in 2021, the monster-collecting MMO will come to consoles, too. Sony’s State of Play event revealed Temtem’s arrival on the PlayStation 5.

In our initial assessment of the game, we called it a hardcore experience that would be perfect for Pokémon fans who are looking for a real challenge. While the launch was marred by connectivity issues and a lack of diverse monsters to collect, over time the massively multiplayer experience has expanded and improved. Developer Crema has added dozens of new pals to collect, a photo mode, a permadeath-oriented “nuzlocke” mode, player-run clubs, and new locales, such as a wildlife preserve where the monsters on display change every week. Patches have also introduced more complexity to existing monsters through mechanics such as traits and techniques.

Future updates to the PC version promise to bring about player housing, more areas, and of course, more monsters. Presumably, the upcoming PlayStation 5 version of Temtem will have many of these features from the get-go.

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