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Fall Guys dev reveals the most popular skins

Here’s what everyone is wearing

A handful of Fall Guys fight for the crown. Image: Digital Devolver/Mediatonic

When Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout first launched, nearly everyone playing the chaotic battle royale game had the same fashion impulse. Without many options to choose from, early fans immediately donned the complimentary wolf head, which was available to anyone who played within the launch window. Lobbies were awash with the apex predator costume, to the degree that it was difficult to make out who was who.

As contestants racked up dubs, many people started gravitating toward the pigeon head costume, which is incidentally one of the earliest things you can unlock in the game. According to a Mediatonic representative, both the wolf head and pigeon costume were the most popular picks during week one.

But now that some time has passed and players have had their pick of progression costumes and store purchases, Mediatonic tells Polygon that the most popular skins have changed a little.

As of early September, the pigeon has retained the top spot as the most common costume in Fall Guys, but the number two spot now belongs to the hot dog, a Rare-type skin available at level 19. While specific stats weren’t shared, the hot dog is a “close second,” the rep said. Basically, Fall Guys looks a hell of a lot like New York City nowadays.

Soon, the mayhem simulator might start filling up with costumes of people wanting to rep their favorite video gaming personalities. Developer Mediatonic took advantage of all the recent thirsty brands begging for a themed skin by allowing them to bid real money in a contest; the highest bidder would get their costume of choice.

In a last second hail mary, streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, G2 eSports, and Aim Lab joined forces to bid $1 million. The money will all go to UK-based charity SpecialEffect, which focuses on gamers with physical disabilities.

Season two, which is around the corner, will also introduce a number of medieval-themed Fall Guys skins that might influence everyone’s preferred threads. For now, though, if you want to stand out among the crowd, it might be a good idea to skip your first few skin unlocks — everyone is going for those.

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