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Final Fantasy 14 getting more housing plots in upcoming patch

720 more housing plots will be added to the game, along with apartment buildings

A house in Final Fantasy 14 Image: Square Enix via Polygon
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Final Fantasy 14 is getting more housing plots as Square Enix tries to fix the online role-playing game’s housing shortage.

Three more housing wards will open in the four neighborhoods, complete with subdivisions. This will add 720 plots per server. Unlike the last batch of new housing plots, these will be open to individual players right off the bat, instead of being limited to relocations and free companies.

Players looking to buy a house or relocate their current home to a bigger or better plot should prepare by having the required gil on hand. You should also be ready to log in right when the servers launch with patch 5.35. The exact date and time for the patch’s launch has yet to be announced, but we can expect to see it within the next few weeks.

Housing in Final Fantasy 14 has always been a hassle. To get one of the limited plots on the servers, you’d either have to wait for more wards to get added or you’d have to camp out a recently abandoned plot. Once a plot gets abandoned, it gets an invisible timer, making it so players can’t buy the house until the timer expires. Though this was added to make selling housing plots for real money harder, it has forced prospective home buyers to wait at the plot for hours, spam clicking as they hope their purchase attempt goes through. There are reports of housing plot timers not expiring for over 24 hours, making the waiting game especially brutal.

Owning a home in Final Fantasy 14 doesn’t offer any real gameplay advantage, outside of giving characters a home base to decorate and furnish for fun.

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