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Fall Guys’ Big Yeetus is already making (and breaking) games

Please, bless me, Big Yeetus!

A small group of colorful beans run up a hillside in Fall Guys Image: Mediatonic/Devolver Digital
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Big Yeetus, a giant, constantly spinning hammer, has arrived in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout with Tuesday’s patch. Big Yeetus will randomly appear during matches, and developer Mediatonic has described it as “chaotic neutral.”

Players can use Big Yeetus for massive advantages — or they can waste time trying to line up the right angle next to the hammer. So far, Big Yeetus is already helping players win crowns (and occasionally breaking the game).

Players have been eagerly documenting their experiences with Big Yeetus, who they often thank and refer to with personal pronouns, as if Big Yeetus were a friend. This makes sense, as Big Yeetus is hugely effective, and in the cutthroat world of Fall Guys, it’s yeet or be yeeten.

However, it’s not all good times and big yeets — some players are reporting that Big Yeetus is capable of glitching out the game by knocking the player into broken areas of the map.

A representative for Mediatonic told Polygon that the developers are aware of the issue, and working on a fix. Updates on the Big Yeetus hotfix will be posted to the game’s official Twitter account.

“My friends and I all take big risks when we see Big Yeetus,” said Ken, one player who spoke to Polygon over Discord about his thoughts on the patch. “People start screaming, ‘I love you Yeetus’ or ‘take me Great Yeetus’, but half the time they can’t line themselves up with the hammer, or the timing is off and they’re worse off for spending so many seconds jumping around Big Yeetus.”

“I won my first crown tonight because of Big Yeetus,” another member of the community, Chell, told Polygon over Discord. “My hands are shaking, I never thought I would win. Thank you, Big Yeetus.”

One immediate effect of Big Yeetus is that he seems to cut down on runaway leader syndrome, where an early lead snowballs into a seemingly unstoppable advantage, especially on maps like Fall Mountain. Getting hit with an early ball or hammer can be devastating, and immediately eliminate someone from getting the crown. If a player can use Big Yeetus to their advantage, they can launch over paths and overtake skilled (or luckier) platformers. This makes many matches far more dangerous, as the chaotic neutral Big Yeetus can even the scores at any time.

We’ll likely see more changes to Fall Guys once the first season concludes and the second begins in October. For now, it’s great to see this game adapt and grow, adding more incentive to play an already great game.

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